Hero Second Grader Has Been Suspended 38 Times for Refusing to Wear a Mask

From The NY Post- A Florida girl may have to repeat second grade after she was suspended more than 30 times for refusing to comply with the district’s face mask mandate.

The recalcitrant student in Palm Beach County was described by her mom, Bailey Lashells, as a typical child who enjoys arts and crafts, drawing and making jewelry, the Tampa Free Press reported.

But, Lashells told the paper, her determined daughter Fiona “changed her priorities a bit” amid the pandemic.

She said her daughter “has been steadfast” in her decision to “do everything she can for every child going through these lawless mandates.”

The 7-year-old student has since been slapped with a total of 36 days of suspensions and multiple in-school disciplinary actions.

Fiona’s served her first punishment on Aug. 31, when she was forced to eat lunch alone in an office hallway, according to the Free Press.

Lashells said her strong-willed daughter could now be held back.

In July, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that made it optional to wear face masks in public schools.

But in Palm Beach County, one of the most heavily Democratic strongholds in the Sunshine State, board member Alexandria Ayala has been a vocal proponent for mandatory masking, the Free Press said.

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