SHOCKING: The Media That Attacked Trump Just Did Something Sickening

On the evening of March 20, a mother and two children were found by US Border agents lying on a bank of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas. All three of them were unconscious.

The Federalist reports – The agents, with the help of Eagle Pass Fire Department EMTs, were able to resuscitate the woman and the boy, a toddler, who was hypothermic and semi-conscious by the time Border Patrol got him safely to shore. But the other child, a nine-year-old girl, was dead.

“We tried everything to bring her back. We tried for 20 or 30 minutes,” said Eagle Pass Fire Chief Manuel Mello when I reached him by phone on Monday. The waters of the Rio Grande are cold this time of year, he said, in the low sixties at sundown, and deceptively fast-moving in places.

They pronounced the girl dead right there on the riverbank. The boy was taken to a hospital in San Antonio, and, as far as Mello knows, his mother went with him. Mello said there was no sign of other migrants in the area or a group they might have been with. “It was just those three.”

It’s unclear how the woman, a Guatemalan national, and her children, both Mexican, came to be unconscious on that sandbar. It’s also unclear who flagged down Border Patrol from Piedras Negras, the Mexican town that faces Eagle Pass.

On December 26, 2018, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in the custody of US Customs and Border Protection. Without any knowledge of the facts surrounding the illegal alien child’s death, Hollywood activists like Allyssa Milano immediately blamed our US Customs agents for her death:

On December 17, 2018, a 7-year-old girl died of dehydration after she was picked up by US Border agents and taken into custody.

The Daily Beast wrote an article about the death of the 7-year-old illegal alien titled:

Jakelin Caal’s Death Was Medically Cruel and Utterly Preventable
Sam Stein, a far-left contributor to MSNBC and Politico, tweeted the Daily Beast article about the 7-yr-old girl who died after her father dragged her through the desert in an effort to enter the United States illegally, as opposed to applying for asylum or, better yet, citizenship. In addition to the completely baseless article, Stein also tweeted some of his own commentaries, where he blamed the Trump administration for not giving medical personnel more access to the illegal aliens and the facilities where they were housed.

Even more curious is the outspoken Politico reporter and Biden fan-boy Sam Stein, who, like others in the mainstream media, has completely ignored the drowning death of the 9-year-old girl. On the day of her drowning, Stein tweeted about his dissatisfaction with UConn losing in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

We scoured his Twitter account and found that Stein has not tweeted a single word about the tragic drowning death of the 9-year-old Guatemalan girl. Why the silence? Does her death not matter because it happened under Biden’s reckless border crisis?

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