An intriguing video circulating online purportedly shows a massive Bigfoot walking through the wilderness, though some viewers insist that it’s simply too good to be true. The rather remarkable piece of footage appeared on YouTube last week and, as is often the case with curious scenes that possibly feature Sasquatch, little is known about the origin of the material except that it is said to have been filmed in Idaho. Be that as it may, it’s one of the more jaw-dropping alleged Bigfoot videos by virtue of just how close the creature appears to be as well as its considerable size.

In the video, a very large bipedal creature seemingly covered in hair can be seen walking through a wooded area. At various points, the suspected Sasquatch’s gait appears to somewhat resemble the Bigfoot seen in the iconic Patterson-Gimlin film. As one might imagine, believers in famed cryptid have hailed the footage as some of the best evidence for the legendary creature that they have ever seen, while skeptical viewers have expressed reservations about the veracity of the video, noting that there appear to be a number of cuts in the footage and wondering why someone would stop filming such an incredible scene unfolding before their eyes.

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