The Devil Is in the Details: 666 Throughout the COVID Era

For centuries our world has been ruled by a satanic cabal. These psychopathic elitists worship a sinister force and desire complete control over humanity. Throughout history, they have discreetly operated from the shadows. Yet as their malevolent agenda is brought to fruition certain demonic elements continuously surface. Pop stars release videos sexualizing cannibalism, sneakers are infused with human blood and an ingredient aptly named luciferase is utilized in COVID-19 inoculations. A reoccurring theme can be seen with the so-called ‘number of the beast’. Those who seek invocation of dark entities use this numeric sequence. Such digits can be repeatedly observed, not by mere chance, but purposeful selection.

US CODE § 666
Deliberately buried within the $3.5 trillion Infrastructure Bill is Title 29 U.S.C. § 666. On page 169 of the 2,468-page document is an amendment to OSHA requirements. Fines for business owners who do not comply with vaccine mandates increase from 70,000 to 700,000 per violation. Such steep financial penalties will result in thousands of independent companies declaring bankruptcy. Upon being asked when the legislation will take effect, President Biden stated it will be implemented in “6 minutes, 6 days, or 6 weeks.”

Microsoft Technology Licensing filed patent WO/2020/060606 in March of 2020. It is titled “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data”. Quantum nanochips are inserted into the skin and harvest biometric energy. Oblivious souls become digital money manufacturing factories. Every heartbeat, breath, emotion, and thought are recorded then communicated to servers. Bill Gates, depopulation connoisseur and sun-blocking dust enthusiast, planned this global surveillance program for decades.

The Word Trade Organization, which has ties to Bilderberg Group, released a paper labeled IP/C/W/666. Emphasis is made on transferring medical technologies globally and moving towards cashless electronic commerce. GAVI, a vaccine distribution firm owned by the Gates Foundation, is directly cited. Emphasis is placed on multilateral intellectual property laws pertaining to COVID-19. Further recommended protocols include constant monitoring through smartphones, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to eradicate the ‘virus’.

Congressional bill H.R. 6666 refers to the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. Intriguingly, Bill Gates negotiated this $100 billion contract six months before the pandemic began. Contact tracing allows authorities to illegally spy on innocent citizens. Under these draconian measures, every American will be subject to door-to-door coronavirus testing. Anyone with a ‘positive’ result can be removed from their homes, placed in designated quarantine camps, and forcibly vaccinated.

In February, members of senate unveiled H.R. 666: the Anti-Racism in Public Health Act of 2021. CDC representatives have declared racism a public health crisis and will oversee all cases which are deemed bigoted. According to the proposal, government agents can collect and analyze private messages and other data considered detrimental to a specific group’s wellbeing. Law Enforcement will also be targeted in attempts to eradicate all intolerant incidences against people of color.

Google-affiliate Peter Daszak received a $666K grant from the National Institute of Health to study coronavirus emergence in bats. Director of the NIH is none other than Doctor Anthony Fauci, a man who’s made a career capitalizing off on illnesses. EcoHealth Alliance, Daszak’s nonprofit, researched infectious diseases in Wuhan since 2010. Precisely the same year, Rockefeller Foundation’s Operation Lockstep detailed a plan for total enslavement through a virus emerging from China.

Pfizer, who paid the largest health care fraud settlement of all time, recently made headlines after its synthetic mRNA cocktail supposedly earned full FDA approval. The Big Pharma giant has a shady track record brimming with bribery, fraud and, suspicious deaths. Prior lawsuits haven’t deterred the corrupt company from accumulating nearly $250 billion in revenue. Individuals suffering from adverse reactions may be alarmed when they call the manufacturer’s help hotline. An additional integer anomaly can be seen when dividing 800 by 72+48= 6.66.

666 is the so-called “number of the beast” & represents the devil or Antichrist.
What could previously be perceived as coincidence is transforming into obvious patterns. Former suspicions are solidifying into glaring reality. Despite manufactured distractions, fear, and division, mankind is awakening to the true nature of reality. Something insidious is manipulating the world as we know it. With each passing day civilization inches closer to the precipice. Society has reached a pivotal crossroads: submit to tyranny or stand up for what is right. The battle of good versus evil is upon us. Whoever wins will be for humanity to decide.

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